What is Tixel Fractional Machine?

April 6, 2018
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What is tixel fractional machine?


Tixel machine is a novel thermal fractional skin rejuvenation system covering the treatment spectrum of ablative CO2 and non-ablative lasers. In ablative mode deep or shallow micropores are created. In non-ablative mode Tixel generates permeable channels with effective transdermal transfer to
hydrophilic molecules.




1. Tixel offers a new dimension in compactness, ergonomic design, and operating comfort to its users who will also benefit from significant cost savings in equipment, maintenance, operating costs, and in floor space.

2. Tixel is similar in e ectiveness to fractional lasers.

3. It is a cost e ective, sterile, fractional device for controlled evaporation of tissue.


How it works?


Tixel evaporates tissue thermally almost identically to fractional CO2 and erbium lasers, however with very low pain and safely. Analgesic creams are not required. Healing is fast and downtime short.


At the heart of Tixel is Novoxel’s proprietary reusable tip employing an array of tiny pyramids which are heated to a temperature of 400°C, similar to the temperature generated by a CO2 laser beam in skinablation. Two tip types, D (ablative) and S (non-ablative) are offered.


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